Nov 19, 2008


I like to read books. I just finished 7th Heaven by James Patterson, borrowed from Lina. I usually read teen fiction rather than thriller, mystery but after reading this book, I could see myself reading these type of books again.
It's mainly about these two smart young guys who burn down nice rich couples' houses and purposely leave a book and wrote something in Latin. I don't get why they burn down rich peoples' houses as they are fairly as rich. If they were poor than that's another story. It was also about an investigation of the disapearance and murder of the ex-governer's ill-fated son. There were trials and all. But I like the story about the two guys better.
But anyways, it's a really good book. If you're a reader, I recommend you this book.
And I also just finished A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks, borrowed from Szeyan. I only watched the movie before, never read the book. Its as touching as the movie is. Very sweet and sad.

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Those are just some of my fav books. There's actually too much to list.
I'm currently reading A YEAR IN THE MERDE by Stephen Clarke, also borrowed from Lina.
I haven't gone book-shopping yet.

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Shanya said...

go book shopping a.s.a.p kay??
clique's movie is coming out dvd je..its produced by tyra banks...and the actresses all look too young...
hit me bak:)