Jan 29, 2009

10 beaux hommes

1st Julian Casablancas -musician

2nd Kaká -footballer

3rd Louis Prades -model

4th Ashton Kutcher -actor

5th Guntars Asmanis -model

6th William Beckett -musician

7th Joe Edney -model

8th Andrea Poli -footballer

9th Cody Lohan -Lindsay's bro

10th Josh Hartnett -actor

Those are my top 10 guy crushes. I have more actually, but my friends agreed only 10. So what the heck. Man, they are hot. It took me so long to remember my old list. I love them but I tend to forget their rankings. Haha.


We were talking about gays and lesbians earlier. Not that we are, WE'RE NOT, but we do have lesbian crushes. Haha. Then we decided to list 5 girl crushes on celebrities.
Ma liste:
1. Martha Streck -model
2. Taylor Swift -country singer
3. Jessica Alba -actress
4. Hayley Williams -headbanger & a very, very cool singer
5. Mischa Barton -actress


Still curious

I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button the other day and I'm still wondering why, as he grows older he becomes younger. In any ways, it's still a good movie. It is like flashback when Caroline read Benjamin's diary to her mother, Daisy.

The movie is about Benjamin who was born under unusual circumstances. His biological mother died of childbirth and his father thinks he's a monster. Then the father left him in front of a seniors home with 18 dollars. And this black woman, Queenie who is the keeper of that place found Benjamin and decided to keep him. I can't remember the exact words she said but she did call him an ugly baby. But still, she took care of him like his own son. It's so funny to see him acts like a kid when he looks so old. One day, he met Daisy. Daisy's grandmother stays at the seniors home and so they became close to each other. Then, when he grew older -younger, he decided to travel away. Daisy got into a ballet academy. Theres this one part where its so sad when Benjamin went to Daisy's show with flowers and all but Daisy ditched him. Grr.

Moving on, times passes by and Benjamin's biological father -who abandoned him, suddenly appears out of nowhere and told Benjamin the whole story. He wants Benjamin to take over his button industry. And so on, when Daisy was 20 or 30 something, they both went back to the seniors home -Daisy's grandmother already passed away. Then they were together and they lived in a house somewhere. One day, Daisy told Benjamin she's pregnant. They were happy and all but Benjamin decided to leave her because he doesn't think he'll be a good father as he's getting younger not maturer. As times past, Daisy already opened her own ballet academy and found a new husband and a father for her daughter, Caroline. But then Benjamin showed up and -okay I can't remember this part. Then Daisy got a call that said they found a boy with a diary full of her name. At that time, Benjamin was alredy a boy like 12 or 13. And Daisy, being so in love with him, took care of Benjamin until he passed away.

Meanwhile, a grown up Caroline found out that Benjamin was her father -while reading the diary at the hospital. The movie ends with Daisy dead in that hospital.

A very touching story. And Brad Pitt looks hot when he acted as the young Benjamin.

Man, I use a lot of 'and', 'then' & 'decided' don't I?

Jan 27, 2009


I am tired. I went to Melaka yesterday with my family -duh. We only wanted to go to the zoo actually but when we got there, there were too many people. So we went to -uhh Dataran Pahlawan? I think. We walked around and went to Kota A Famosa. Man, that place is haunted. So many people died there. Okay, moving on. We ate lunch somewhere there and then we walked around again.
I thought Melaka is peaceful and quiet. Seriously. It was so hot and tiring with so many people there.
Until what seemed like years, my dad said why not we go to the zoo now. And so we went but it was closed. It would open back at 8pm for the Night Zoo. My parents like kesiankan my sister who had been waiting to see the animals(macam la tak pernah pergi Zoo Negara), decided to wait for an hour until it opens. For that time being, we took our time and ate dinner at McDonald's. So at 8, we went to the zoo, bought tickets and went in. I bought a light stick and hook it at my belt hoop. All the way, people were looking at me like I'm some kind of freak. Blegh. They're the freaks who stare at people. There were 6 tigers altogether and I saw the civets. They are so cute! Adorable eyes. Too bad I didn't take any pictures of them.
Man, I need to finish up Bukit Kepong. That book is bloody boring!

Jan 21, 2009


Good news people. Kaka's not moving! Phew, thank god.
I hurt my feet. The socks I wore just now was thin and so when I jog and walk, the skin at my feet peeled. I put some cream, hoping it would heal soon. Damn school shoes.
There's this new guy in our school who raps -according to my friends who go to tuition with him. So he just came to our school and when I had a look at him, nothing about him screams "rapper". He looks nice though. Shanya, Qm, Szeyan and Divya talked about him as if he acts like the worst creature ever. The way they told Lina and I was so funny. Haha. But I haven't listen to him talking before -which is when the Brooklyn accent comes out, as so they say. Us being weird as we are, wants to befriend him.
I am so happy that Kaka made the right choice :D

Jan 20, 2009

To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow

Now's the 3rd week of school and everything's been going well. EXCEPT THAT WE HAVE THE ROAD RUN TOMORROW! Man, my legs just healed and I have to run again. Okay, not run but jog. Haha yeah rite, I just walk. Like a walkathon. Run, your ass. It's 5 freakin' kilometres. Plus, there's nothing interesting to see. Just roads and houses and houses again. Up the hill, down the hill and in boring, straight trail. My friends and I usually chat while we fast walk. And to think there's the official one this Friday. That makes it 10 kilometres a week. Sigh. The only good thing I can think about it is that it would make me fitter. Hell, even the flight of stairs to get to class is torturing. Chemistry and Biology are fun, Physics suck, History's boooriiing. I think I'm getting the hang of Form 4 and being in that class. But seriously, that class is over the limit. It's packed.
I want a new water bottle.

Jan 19, 2009

Kaka's Fat Wallet

OMG! Kaka! Don't go to Manchester Cityyyyyy!
It won't be the same. I thought his wife is in Milan. Studying or something?not anymore?
It's not that I don't want him to be richer than he already is. He could make around £500,000 a week but still....he belongs in Milan! Well, not exactly but -ergh. Hopefully, the deal will take time. Hopefully, he'll make a good choice, Milan too. Gosh, I hope they don't sleep thinking of the negative sides if Kaka leaves. They'll be stupid if they don't take the bid, but they'll be even dumber to let the playmaker go. But now the decision is in Kaka's hands himself. Please don't move. If he does, then I'll have to start watching Manchester City games and I don't wanna watch them play. If it's Man United, I won't really mind.
Let us all pray that he makes the right decision :D
Gee, I guess I'll have to start watching EPL. Don't worry Italian League, I'll still watch you.

Jan 5, 2009


I am bored.

Do you like Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero World Tour better?

I like both. GHWT is harder though. I'm no expert. I only play medium. Except for singing. I can do the hard level for singing :D haha. My dad said the game is rigged because I practically just shout and scream the whole way. Nonsense, haha.
For That's What You Get by Paramore(hard-don't forget that), I got 95% and Serious Skills.
Lol. Hopefully my neighbours didn't hear me.
Today was the first day of school. Sharanya, Lina and I lost our other half cause they got into LK class. We were introduced to a few subjects. Maths, Biology and Add Maths. Oh yeah, and Sivik. Szeyan, Qm and Thira's class is in block B and just now when it was recess time, Lina and I went round and round searching for them. Padahal they weren't out of class yet.

Jan 1, 2009

What a holiday..

It's been a long time since I last posted anything here. PMR results came out two days ago. Unfortunately, I didn't get straight As. 6As n 2Bs. My Bs are KH ang Geo. *sigh* I wonder why I didn't cry. Disappointed, yes of course. My friends from my old school got 8As. It's okay. Not the end of the world. There's more to go. I'm thinking of what stream to take next year. I guess I'm gonna go with pure science. Hopefully, I can get into science class with my result. Need to be more serious next year. I went out with Lina last week to buy school stuffs. I didn't realize until then that searching for a pencil case is hard. Haha. In the end, we bought from the last place you'd think of to find school stuffs. Holiday is coming to an end and I didn't even go anywhere for vacation. I never thought I would say this, but I couldn't wait for school to start.