Nov 29, 2008


Ed for Edward, Cob for Jacob, Jas for Jasper, Mett for Emmett, Car for Carlisle and Lie for Charlie.

Twilight was the best!!! Shanya, Lina, Szeyan, Qm, Qm's sis and I watched it last Thursday.
Edward was hot. Everything about the movie was perfect. Jasper and Emmett was suprisingly quite hot. Carlisle ize hot! He lookz zo nize. Jacob is - ok la. Charlie, if you scrap off that mustache, could be hot too. Don't you think so? The baseball scene was incredibly cool! Okay, I don't really know how to explain, but just imagine big. Go watch it!
I wanna watch Twilight again!!! Someone, anyone, let's go!

I'm loving Carlisle.

Nov 24, 2008

I'm bored

I'm out of ideas on what to post here. I just read Qm's blog and what she said about guys is totally true. And good speech Qm. You should be in the debates team :D

I change my playlist anytime I feel like changing it. Sometimes I play a song a lot of times over and over again until I can't stand to hear it anymore. For now my playlist is:

Be The One-The Ting Tings
Hot n Cold-Katy Perry
Let The Flames Begin-Paramore
Kiss Me-Sixpence Non The Richer
Love Story-Taylor Swift(Lina, you got me addicted to this)
Is This It-The Strokes
California-Phantom Planets
Red Light-The Strokes
Stop Crying Your Heart Out-Oasis
Someday We'll Know-Mandy Moore & Jonathan Foreman(loved that movie)
That's Not My Name-The Ting Tings
She Hates Me-Puddle of Mudd
Womanizer-Britney Spears
12 51-The Strokes
With Me-Sum 41

Ooh, I can't wait for Twilight! I wanna go 12am premiere!! But can't. Going on 27th instead. Sigh.
But at least I'm still gonna watch it. Yay!

Nov 20, 2008

Is Robert Pattinson hot?

In interviews, not really. Well, he's cute in Harry Potter as Cedric Diggory, yes, and of course in Twilight. But have you seen Vanity Fair movie before? Its starring Reese Witherspoon. A few months ago, Szeyan found the cut scene with Rob Pattinson in it as her son.

A HOT one.

That pic above is him in that movie. He looks freaking hot wearing all black. Go search it in Youtube.

Nov 19, 2008

Mine, mine, mine!

louis prades Pictures, Images and Photos
Louis Prades

Joe Edney

Guntars Asmanis


I like to read books. I just finished 7th Heaven by James Patterson, borrowed from Lina. I usually read teen fiction rather than thriller, mystery but after reading this book, I could see myself reading these type of books again.
It's mainly about these two smart young guys who burn down nice rich couples' houses and purposely leave a book and wrote something in Latin. I don't get why they burn down rich peoples' houses as they are fairly as rich. If they were poor than that's another story. It was also about an investigation of the disapearance and murder of the ex-governer's ill-fated son. There were trials and all. But I like the story about the two guys better.
But anyways, it's a really good book. If you're a reader, I recommend you this book.
And I also just finished A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks, borrowed from Szeyan. I only watched the movie before, never read the book. Its as touching as the movie is. Very sweet and sad.

how not to spend your senior year Pictures, Images and Photos
Queen of Babble Pictures, Images and Photos
The Book Of Luke Pictures, Images and Photos
The Clique Collection #2 Pictures, Images and Photos
Those are just some of my fav books. There's actually too much to list.
I'm currently reading A YEAR IN THE MERDE by Stephen Clarke, also borrowed from Lina.
I haven't gone book-shopping yet.

Nov 18, 2008

Hello World!

It's killing me.

There's a reason behind those words. I'll start by telling about my day 2 days ago. It was not the worst day of my life but wasn't that good either. I woke up very early to follow my mom. I don't know how I managed to since I barely slept that night. So I went to my mom's kindergarten in Kota Kemuning. I helped her around with the paperworks a bit, read my book, do paperworks again. Other than that, I pretty much just stayed in her office til 1pm. It was boring, I tell you. And I was so sleepy. Then, my mom sent my sister and I to my granny's house in Subang Jaya. It was in the afternoon, so I ate lunch first. After that, I watched tv, did art stuffs with my younger cousins, read a book and so on. Then came 5pm. My elder cousins asked me earlier if I wanted to go jogging, and thinking of the exercise I need, I said okay. I didn't know what I got myself into. So we went jogging, passed a field, at the shortcut road where monkeys usually hang around in the morning. And around rows of houses the next. We jogged to another field and decided to stop for awhile.
Then, we started again, and went to the place where they race toy cars. We used the path behind houses to go back, instead of the main road. Then finally, we reached my gran's house. There were so many roads that go uphill. I don't mind going down the hill.
Until today, my legs are still hurting. That shows why I need to exercise more often.
I'll try.

Nov 17, 2008

London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, New York

I'd love to travel around the world someday. I wonder what it's like if you can fly anywhere, anytime.
Like birds -they could be in London at one time and Florida the next. I wouldn't say I wish to be like a bird. But to be able to fly without money would be nice.

Does anyone have The O.C season 2 onwards? I want to watch.
I watched Gossip Girl season 2 last week and I realised something. Cecilia Von Ziegler, the author of Gossip Girl series and my friend, Lina have the same ideas. Same, not meaning exactly cloned but close.
And Lina hasn't even read the book before. With the vacation in Tuscany and the lord, son of the dutch and dutchess thing. She just doesn't have evil people like Blair and Chuck. Don't ask me why shes having these ideas.
(Sorry Lina. I'm babbling about you)

If You Know Me...

You'd know i love Julian Casablancas, Kaka and of course Matthew :D The Strokes rocks! AC Milan rules! I love them. Some of my new found love - Edward Cullen(sharing with Qm, Szeyan, Lino, Shanya, Thiro and the many Twilighters around the world, sadly i would say), Andrea Poli, models- Louis Prades, Joe Edney and Guntars Asmanis(sharing him with Szeyan), Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols and a French dude from myspace. haha. I liked Richard Gasquet, the French tennis player before but the feeling sort of fades away.hehe

He is really, really incredibly HOT! I swear your eyeballs would pop out when you catch a sight of him. He has the cutest nose I've ever seen and gorgeous -floppy, tousled, mussed, justwokeup?- hair. And the thing is i'm kind of stalking him. In a good way. Not the creepy, obsessive, over the top kind. Or so I think. It's not every day a hot guy like him pops up into your neighbourhood :D And FYI, Matthew looks a lot like Ashton Kutcher plus Josh Hartnett. Get what I mean by "hot"?

The Strokes
I found out about them only earlier this year(I know I'm lame to discover them so late) and i immediately fell in love. Well, actually with Julian first and then i listened to their songs and loved them all. I have all their 3 albums :) Thanks to Szeyan she bought me their third album. It's sad to think Julian Casablancas is married. He's cute in a drunken singer kind of way. He's a great singer. My friends and I wonder how he could remember all the lyrics while his drunk. Miracle.

I've loved him since the past 3 years. 2006 was World Cup year. Kaka was only 24 then. He plays for national team, Brazil and Italian Series A, AC Milan. I got a Brazil jersey with his name on it :D Been trying to find the ladies' AC Milan jersey but couldn't find it. Unfortunately, like Julian, he's married to Caroline Celico who was only 18 when they got married :( He won 2 awards in 2007. He's currently living in Italy. And I love him.

Edward Cullen
My friend Qm, introduced us to him through Twilight. One day she came to school jumping happily, very cheerful. That's how she usually is but she was extra hyper that day. We didn't know a movie tie-in was coming out at that time. And so Szeyan, Lino, Shanya, Thiro(though I don't think she finished all 4) and I read Twilight and we instantly fell in love with Edward's charm and golden eyes. Our favourite quote by Edward "You're wounding my ego, Bella. I just proposed to you and you think it's a joke." Awh, he's too sweet. Lino said Edward has ruin our expectations of the perfect guy. I guess she's right. From now on, everytime a guy comes around, we'll be like "You're not Edward". haha. So guys out there, read Twilight to get a girl.


I don't know what to say about myself. Don't know whether I'm a normal teenager. What I know is that I have a ridiculously hideous laugh -as Lina says like a hyiena gone wild on cracks(is there such thing?) No. Just literally. I laugh uncontrollably.

Laugh, laugh, laugh. That's what I always do.

I'm a girl who can't control my emotions. I'd laugh at something I think is funny and wouldn't stop even though I really need to, I'd be angry at almost everyone when I'm pissed off, I'd feel sad and heart-stabbed when I watch tearjerkers, I'd go crazy in a hot guy's presence, I'd be doing absolutely nothing when I'm feeling lazy, I'd be smiling like a crazy psycho or singing off-pitched when I'm happy.

I'm nice, by the way :p

That's pretty much about me. Not everything but some things.

Nov 15, 2008