Nov 17, 2008

London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, New York

I'd love to travel around the world someday. I wonder what it's like if you can fly anywhere, anytime.
Like birds -they could be in London at one time and Florida the next. I wouldn't say I wish to be like a bird. But to be able to fly without money would be nice.

Does anyone have The O.C season 2 onwards? I want to watch.
I watched Gossip Girl season 2 last week and I realised something. Cecilia Von Ziegler, the author of Gossip Girl series and my friend, Lina have the same ideas. Same, not meaning exactly cloned but close.
And Lina hasn't even read the book before. With the vacation in Tuscany and the lord, son of the dutch and dutchess thing. She just doesn't have evil people like Blair and Chuck. Don't ask me why shes having these ideas.
(Sorry Lina. I'm babbling about you)

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