Feb 28, 2009

The Wonders of Nature

I watched a documentary on National Geographic the other day and saw something somewhat fascinating. It was caught on tape. There's a herd of buffaloes and a lion. Or was it lioness? Yeah lioness. So this lioness attacked and ate a calf alive. Then the buffaloes like chase after the lioness together for revenge. If you were chased by a herd of big, fat buffaloes and you're all alone, what would you do? Run, of course. That's exactly what the lioness did. It was so funny looking at buffaloes chasing the mighty lion -lioness, I mean. There's no video of it on youtube but there are certain vids that are close to the one I saw.

Nowadays, people throw innocent babies like trash. See even buffaloes know better. They actually have feelings.

Feb 7, 2009



Szeyan the coke snorter

Szeyan who has her own world

Szeyan who laughs silently

Szeyan who has a pretty sister

Szeyan the artistic girl

Szeyan who likes guys who look like girls

Szeyan the very creative girl

Szeyan whose not in the same class with us anymore

Szeyan my best friend

Happy Sweet 16

Feb 2, 2009


Why, all of a sudden, Brandon Urie looks hot to me?

Can't guess?

It's because I just saw But It's Better If You Do video.
And I tell you, he looks freaking hot in there. Go watch and comment.

I think it's because of the hair. He changed it. Now, Ryan Ross looks better. And Lina made me realise why we never notice Ryan Ross before. He was a little chubby in the A Fever You Can't Sweat Out album. But then he gets cuter.


Do you see the difference? I do.

How funny with little changes like that, people could be from hate to love, reject to accept and don't care to care. Okay, funny is not the exact word but -whatever. Just try to get what I mean.

You know what I mean.

I'm currently trying to do Bio homework. Anyone knows what's the function of pancreatic cells? Wikipedia's not helping this time. When I googled, all that came out is about pancreas.