Feb 28, 2009

The Wonders of Nature

I watched a documentary on National Geographic the other day and saw something somewhat fascinating. It was caught on tape. There's a herd of buffaloes and a lion. Or was it lioness? Yeah lioness. So this lioness attacked and ate a calf alive. Then the buffaloes like chase after the lioness together for revenge. If you were chased by a herd of big, fat buffaloes and you're all alone, what would you do? Run, of course. That's exactly what the lioness did. It was so funny looking at buffaloes chasing the mighty lion -lioness, I mean. There's no video of it on youtube but there are certain vids that are close to the one I saw.

Nowadays, people throw innocent babies like trash. See even buffaloes know better. They actually have feelings.


rory said...

ok weird post. weird post are my forte al.hahaha jk.

lalloya said...