Feb 2, 2009


Why, all of a sudden, Brandon Urie looks hot to me?

Can't guess?

It's because I just saw But It's Better If You Do video.
And I tell you, he looks freaking hot in there. Go watch and comment.

I think it's because of the hair. He changed it. Now, Ryan Ross looks better. And Lina made me realise why we never notice Ryan Ross before. He was a little chubby in the A Fever You Can't Sweat Out album. But then he gets cuter.


Do you see the difference? I do.

How funny with little changes like that, people could be from hate to love, reject to accept and don't care to care. Okay, funny is not the exact word but -whatever. Just try to get what I mean.

You know what I mean.

I'm currently trying to do Bio homework. Anyone knows what's the function of pancreatic cells? Wikipedia's not helping this time. When I googled, all that came out is about pancreas.


idzy said...

why all of sudden, idzham looked hot to you?

lalloya said...