Nov 17, 2008

If You Know Me...

You'd know i love Julian Casablancas, Kaka and of course Matthew :D The Strokes rocks! AC Milan rules! I love them. Some of my new found love - Edward Cullen(sharing with Qm, Szeyan, Lino, Shanya, Thiro and the many Twilighters around the world, sadly i would say), Andrea Poli, models- Louis Prades, Joe Edney and Guntars Asmanis(sharing him with Szeyan), Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols and a French dude from myspace. haha. I liked Richard Gasquet, the French tennis player before but the feeling sort of fades away.hehe

He is really, really incredibly HOT! I swear your eyeballs would pop out when you catch a sight of him. He has the cutest nose I've ever seen and gorgeous -floppy, tousled, mussed, justwokeup?- hair. And the thing is i'm kind of stalking him. In a good way. Not the creepy, obsessive, over the top kind. Or so I think. It's not every day a hot guy like him pops up into your neighbourhood :D And FYI, Matthew looks a lot like Ashton Kutcher plus Josh Hartnett. Get what I mean by "hot"?

The Strokes
I found out about them only earlier this year(I know I'm lame to discover them so late) and i immediately fell in love. Well, actually with Julian first and then i listened to their songs and loved them all. I have all their 3 albums :) Thanks to Szeyan she bought me their third album. It's sad to think Julian Casablancas is married. He's cute in a drunken singer kind of way. He's a great singer. My friends and I wonder how he could remember all the lyrics while his drunk. Miracle.

I've loved him since the past 3 years. 2006 was World Cup year. Kaka was only 24 then. He plays for national team, Brazil and Italian Series A, AC Milan. I got a Brazil jersey with his name on it :D Been trying to find the ladies' AC Milan jersey but couldn't find it. Unfortunately, like Julian, he's married to Caroline Celico who was only 18 when they got married :( He won 2 awards in 2007. He's currently living in Italy. And I love him.

Edward Cullen
My friend Qm, introduced us to him through Twilight. One day she came to school jumping happily, very cheerful. That's how she usually is but she was extra hyper that day. We didn't know a movie tie-in was coming out at that time. And so Szeyan, Lino, Shanya, Thiro(though I don't think she finished all 4) and I read Twilight and we instantly fell in love with Edward's charm and golden eyes. Our favourite quote by Edward "You're wounding my ego, Bella. I just proposed to you and you think it's a joke." Awh, he's too sweet. Lino said Edward has ruin our expectations of the perfect guy. I guess she's right. From now on, everytime a guy comes around, we'll be like "You're not Edward". haha. So guys out there, read Twilight to get a girl.

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