Nov 20, 2008

Is Robert Pattinson hot?

In interviews, not really. Well, he's cute in Harry Potter as Cedric Diggory, yes, and of course in Twilight. But have you seen Vanity Fair movie before? Its starring Reese Witherspoon. A few months ago, Szeyan found the cut scene with Rob Pattinson in it as her son.

A HOT one.

That pic above is him in that movie. He looks freaking hot wearing all black. Go search it in Youtube.


QMcullen said...

this pic he's hot
in twilight, not so...

but i think Ulliel or Crawford should have taken d role,
they r much,much hotter((:

Shanya said...

is rob pattinson hot? holy guapa..he is!

lalloya said...

Sry qm, i kno u like crawford, but i dont think he'll b d perfect Edward.

idzy said...

im hotter