Jan 5, 2009


I am bored.

Do you like Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero World Tour better?

I like both. GHWT is harder though. I'm no expert. I only play medium. Except for singing. I can do the hard level for singing :D haha. My dad said the game is rigged because I practically just shout and scream the whole way. Nonsense, haha.
For That's What You Get by Paramore(hard-don't forget that), I got 95% and Serious Skills.
Lol. Hopefully my neighbours didn't hear me.
Today was the first day of school. Sharanya, Lina and I lost our other half cause they got into LK class. We were introduced to a few subjects. Maths, Biology and Add Maths. Oh yeah, and Sivik. Szeyan, Qm and Thira's class is in block B and just now when it was recess time, Lina and I went round and round searching for them. Padahal they weren't out of class yet.


rory said...

hahaha so proud of ur achievement in guitar hero. :D

idzy said...

ada ps3 bleh ar...tp aku mmg power men benda alah ni...jom ar lawan...

1 on1 come la...

athirah said...

hurm i think the best is GTH3
:D sbb ade welcome to the jungle :p