Jan 20, 2009

To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow

Now's the 3rd week of school and everything's been going well. EXCEPT THAT WE HAVE THE ROAD RUN TOMORROW! Man, my legs just healed and I have to run again. Okay, not run but jog. Haha yeah rite, I just walk. Like a walkathon. Run, your ass. It's 5 freakin' kilometres. Plus, there's nothing interesting to see. Just roads and houses and houses again. Up the hill, down the hill and in boring, straight trail. My friends and I usually chat while we fast walk. And to think there's the official one this Friday. That makes it 10 kilometres a week. Sigh. The only good thing I can think about it is that it would make me fitter. Hell, even the flight of stairs to get to class is torturing. Chemistry and Biology are fun, Physics suck, History's boooriiing. I think I'm getting the hang of Form 4 and being in that class. But seriously, that class is over the limit. It's packed.
I want a new water bottle.


idzy said...

laki punya track : 7km
2 tracks: 2 X 7km = 14km

road run best ar...bleh kuar kelas..and skolah :D

and jogging boleh bakar 'lemak'

XD its true

Shanya said...

Road Shitting Run! Benci arghhhhh

lalloya said...

mmg ah. but its freakin tiring! i dont mind klu skit2.