Jan 29, 2009

Still curious

I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button the other day and I'm still wondering why, as he grows older he becomes younger. In any ways, it's still a good movie. It is like flashback when Caroline read Benjamin's diary to her mother, Daisy.

The movie is about Benjamin who was born under unusual circumstances. His biological mother died of childbirth and his father thinks he's a monster. Then the father left him in front of a seniors home with 18 dollars. And this black woman, Queenie who is the keeper of that place found Benjamin and decided to keep him. I can't remember the exact words she said but she did call him an ugly baby. But still, she took care of him like his own son. It's so funny to see him acts like a kid when he looks so old. One day, he met Daisy. Daisy's grandmother stays at the seniors home and so they became close to each other. Then, when he grew older -younger, he decided to travel away. Daisy got into a ballet academy. Theres this one part where its so sad when Benjamin went to Daisy's show with flowers and all but Daisy ditched him. Grr.

Moving on, times passes by and Benjamin's biological father -who abandoned him, suddenly appears out of nowhere and told Benjamin the whole story. He wants Benjamin to take over his button industry. And so on, when Daisy was 20 or 30 something, they both went back to the seniors home -Daisy's grandmother already passed away. Then they were together and they lived in a house somewhere. One day, Daisy told Benjamin she's pregnant. They were happy and all but Benjamin decided to leave her because he doesn't think he'll be a good father as he's getting younger not maturer. As times past, Daisy already opened her own ballet academy and found a new husband and a father for her daughter, Caroline. But then Benjamin showed up and -okay I can't remember this part. Then Daisy got a call that said they found a boy with a diary full of her name. At that time, Benjamin was alredy a boy like 12 or 13. And Daisy, being so in love with him, took care of Benjamin until he passed away.

Meanwhile, a grown up Caroline found out that Benjamin was her father -while reading the diary at the hospital. The movie ends with Daisy dead in that hospital.

A very touching story. And Brad Pitt looks hot when he acted as the young Benjamin.

Man, I use a lot of 'and', 'then' & 'decided' don't I?


keero! said...

mcm best jer citer nih.
nk tgk.
ko tgk kat ner tv ker dvd?

Shanya said...

Nak tgk gak kalau ada dvd bagi me tgk dulu tau suruh keero tu belah :P hahahha