Mar 4, 2009

Farewell my friend, hello exam

I can't believe Thira's gone. She's the last person I thought that would ever step foot in a boarding school. Seriously. Not that I'm saying she's a spoilt brat or anything but still. So not her.
But then again she said her mom asked her to go. I didn't realise I missed her so much until I dreamt of her. And I was crying in the dream. I'm gonna miss you, Thira.

Sharanya represent our school in the public speaking competition last Tuesday. She got number 4 in the end. And she met her love of her life there. That should've been fun, right Shanya? haha. She's gonna kill me for saying that.

March Test is coming, people! Just around the corner. Need to studyyyy. Man, I'm so lazy. There'll be like 4 freaking subjects a day. Thank god SPM is not like that.
How am I gonna pass with flying colours for let me see, there's (all in one breath)BM, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Modern Math, Add Math, Agama, Sejarah(sigh) and finally EST. I really need to study consistently to get through all that. And to think that I'm going through all these for those bloody rorys. Damn you rorys.

While I'm writing this, Lina's rocking out at Jason Mraz's concert with her mom. Lucky biiiiitch(you know I don't actually mean it other than the lucky part, Lina).


rory said...

tagged yahhhhh dudeeeee

Shanya said...

Tagged yah alliya!
- Btw yes im gonna kill you cos i just saw this ur dead meat slaughtered butchered! :p grrrrr