Mar 19, 2009




Kaka has a baby. With his wife(duh). It might be an old news to you but it's new to me.
I can't believe this. How can I not know this earlier?? Damn, it feels bad to know that I'm the last to know.
What makes it worst is that I heard it from someone else and not from the internet or papers or something. Grr.
Divya told me about it last week at tuition and I always forgot to google it until few minutes ago. You should've seen my face when she told me. It's not that I don't like him having a family and all but again I say, to think that I'm not one of the first to know about this. *sigh*

Here's a pic of the HAPPY FAMILY

That's him, his baby and his wife, Caroline Celico

The baby's name is Luca. He was born June 9th, 2008? Yeah, it should be last year.


rory said...

hahahaha luca :D character sze yan

lalloya said...

szeyan's character is lucas la