Apr 25, 2009


Last week was my birthday on the 15th. My family and I ate dinner at TGI Friday's. And on that Saturday the 18th, my friends and I went to KLCC. Yeah, we had a blast doing absolutely ridiculous things. Plus, we had a dare to go up to someone and ask what the time was. Haha. Good times.

I got presents. Thats the best part :D

My dad asked me what I wanted and I said I wanna go shopping. But he said its wasting his time -cause I take so long to buy even one top. In the end I got an hour and a few books from Kinokuniya. My grandma got me a guitar. Szeyan gave me cookies she made herself. Its good. Lina gave me a t-shirt and she painted something on it. Qm gave me lemon cookies from Crabtree & Evelyn, earrings(I don't know why she gave me this-she knows perfectly well I have no pierced ears -but it's pretty) and a Body Shop lotion. Shanya gave me her lovee. haha. Jason(you have to pronounce his name the Jamaican way) bought me a slice of cake. So, thanks you guys.

Couldn't upload pictures. Stupid camera.


dayana said...

oh! happy belated birthday! i hope sixteen is as sweet as you hoped it would be :)

lalloya said...

thanks dayana :D

rory said...

hahaha omg the earrings teehhee thts funneh

keero! said...

happy belated birthdya lalloya.
sry for the late wishing.
i hope u achive what u want in ur life.
see ya!

lalloya said...

thank you khairul