Apr 25, 2009

Mr. Jingle & Susie

Yes, those are the names of my two hamsters.
If you asked me a few months earlier, I can't even look at a hamster -especially the ones running. I don't know why. Just so -geli. But now, after a few weeks with the hamsters -which when I came home from camp and suddenly, poof, my parents told me we have hamsters - I kind of like them. Not like, love. They're just so adorable I can't help it. Especially when they run together on the wheel. But I still haven't touched them before. I just can't. But as Lina said, sooner or later, I will. Mr Jingle is so funny. It knows its own name. When you call him -his a male of course- he would come and do the sniffsniff thing that hamsters do. Susie was sick but now shes as fit as a fiddle. I hope I'd have the guts to hold them soon. Mr Jingle is fat by the way. Susie's eyes are big.

This is Mr Jingle. He looks small here but he's actually fat.

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