Aug 22, 2009

The Veronicas

The Brisbane twins Lisa Marie and Jessica Louise Origliasso(Lisa & Jess). Also known as The Veronicas. They're Italian-Australian.
When you see them on tv they look tall right? They're not. They're extremely small.

See what I mean?They look tall here. Amazing what photos can do.

I don't know why I like them. They're cool to me for some bloody reason. I'm like addicted to all of their songs. They're all over my playlist. They don't suck live. They have a nice voice, I guess. But annoying. But nice. Like Cassadee Pope. Nice but annoying but nice.

But I'd have to say they have bad taste on guys. I mean, does all pretty people have to have bad taste in picking guys? Don't let me start with Jess's ex. He looks like a woman. Lisa's ex, Dean Geyer is okay and her current one, Reeve Carney is, umm okay too. Maybe. But absolutely better than Azaria, Jess's ex.

We started fasting today. Happy Fasting People!

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