Aug 21, 2009


Get ready for a whole boring week.

I don't think I'm going anywhere this holiday. One is because of the flu, and two, we'll be fasting. The H1N1 flu flying around out there doesn't really make my parents happy to get their asses up and go out. Even on weekends. So yes, pity me. I'll be sitting at home doing nothing.

Well, not exactly nothing. Shanya the Gossip Girl "promoter" gave the dvds for season 1 and 2. So that should be enough. Plus, I just borrowed 3 books from Lina -Cirque du Freak, 6th Target and The Magician. I finished Cirque du Freak, The Saga of Darren Shan. Its quite cool. And sooo saaaaaad that he had to leave his family ); Lina, I want the next book. But Qm asked first kan. After her la.


Oh, we're gonna celebrate Shanya and Divya's birthday! Probably this Monday. Shanya's was on 4th of August and Divya 17th of this month too.

Signing off :D


dayana said...

eh, nak pinjam gossip girl someday okay? maybe after finals or something. haha

lalloya said...

haha sure. the dvd is qm's. season 2 in pendrive.

Sharanya said...

Hahah gg distributor u make me sound as bad as you with the whole cetak rompak DVD girl! Lol