Dec 7, 2008

Meet Me In The Restaurant

The title's nothing. It's just that one of The Strokes song is called Meet Me In The Bathroom. Okay, whatever, I'm babbling.
Moving on, I just found out that hottie up there opened a restaurant with Mark Ronson, whoever that is. That's Julian Casablancas in the pic, if you don't know. The opening night was on October 13th. It's far away in LA that I can't just walk down the street and order take-away. Instead, I'd have to spend thousands to buy an airplane ticket, fly there, pay for the hotel and pay for the food. Sigh.

Anyways, the restaurant is called Shin. It's actually a Korean BBQ place. Here's a pic of it.

I'm not gonna post a pic from the opening night though. Julian looks ugly there with long hair and all :( Ergh, I really hate guys with long hair. But I guess I have to make an exception for him.


rory said...

Mark Ronson is like ultra major famous producer. the one yg buat oh my god by lily allen. valerie by amy winehouse. of course all of the above is covers. But I like the originals better. And he's ugleh

lalloya said...

haha. u'd kno cz u wnna b a rockstar.